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Weekly Events

Weekly PVP Event [Friday 11:30 PM GMT +2]


1--warrior cleric healing cycle only allowed (phy magic not allowed)

2-warrior cleric vs warrior cleric ( 2h axe 2rounds)

3-warrior warlock vs warrior cleric full build devil or 2h axe 2rounds

4-wizz cleric vs str builds everything allowed bless earth life trap , etc

5-wizz cleric vs wizz cleric bless allowed , trap not allowed

6-wizz cleric vs wizz warlock reflect not allowed , bless allowed for cleric

7-chinese vs warlock 1x fire wall allowed

8-chinese vs other builds firewall not allowed

9-chinese vs warrior dmg return allowed

10- chinese vs warrior cleric after 3 mins (Devil or 2rounds no shield healing cycle only )

11- bloody ghost storm not allowed for glaive only for spear

12-iron castle shield or sun guard shield not allowed for bladers only for sword and shield and cant be used with snow at the same time

13-chinese int vs euro int snow not allowed

14-rogue warlock 1st prick if crit not allowed rematch

15-rogue cleric healing cycle unlimited + any 2x heals only per round / phy magic allowed

16-warlock cleric offering not allowed

17- chinese vs chinese (full build or 2rounds no shield ) ,blader full build

18-chinese blader vs blader = devil

19- warrior warlock vital allowed vs int

20- warrior cleric vital not allowed vs int

21-warrior cleric int offering not allowed

22- warlock cleric offering not allowed

23- sleep not allowed vs int

24- All Bugs Not Allowed

p.s Afk 2mins = lose , finals afk 5mins = lose